Refrigerator Repair

On a hot summer day, the last thing you want is to reach inside and find your water tepid. Or worst, coming home after a long day of work to find the kitchen floor semi-flooded? Or, in a cruel twist of fate, the refrigerator decides it wants to audition for a rock band.

If any of these sound familiar, then the refrigerator needs servicing as quickly as possible. If you live in the Raytown area, Jack’s Appliance Repair is here to lend a helping hand. We understand the importance of a functioning refrigerator to your household.

Our technicians will waste no time in getting to the bottom of the issue and advise you on the best way to move forward. As a bonus, we’ll work alongside you to find a solution that suits your budget.

We will always err on the side of repairing rather than replacing, if possible. This will save you money and you can rest assured that our technicians know what they’re doing.


Us Versus Them



With proper training and experience, anyone can fix an appliance. However, attention to detail is essential to the repairs lasting. Our technicians are trained to look at the system as a whole and they’ll fix, not only the immediate issue but any other smaller issues that have yet to manifest themselves.



As we mentioned earlier, experience also plays a role in how long the repairs will last. Science and intuition play equal parts in appliance reparation. If you don’t understand how various systems work, then you won’t be able to locate the problem quickly.




We don’t believe in bankrupting our clients. We don’t need to pull the wool over their eyes and throw in fabricated fees and expenses. We consider that a desperate and unnecessary strategy that does not speak to how highly we regard our customers. You will have no hesitation when it comes to referring us to your friends and family.




There is nothing less professional than not showing up on time. That is why we will show up early. We don’t believe in leaving our clients to wait idly. If we tell you that your appliance has been repaired, then you can expect that it has been done thoroughly and correctly. And our team will clean up any mess they have made.


Repairing Your Repairs


We won’t judge you for attempting to play Mr. Fix It. We understand that you would rather save time and money by fixing your appliances yourself. However, we advise against doing this. A lot can go wrong, including further damages to your appliances and even your home. Do yourself a favor and let us take over. The repairs will be done quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.